MontytheHokage – Cheat Code @MontytheHokage


Based out of North Carolina, MontytheHokage (ho-ka-ge) is a new take on a melting pot rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He began his career in 2018 as someone trying to bring some light into being young and, share a positive and encouraging message. Hoping to help change our generation one song at a time. He just dropped a hyper new single called “Cheat Code” and explained the track to the press.

When making “Cheat Code”, I wanted a song that I knew would really stand apart from the rest of my catalog. I not only wanted something that was sonically pleasing, but something I could really use in the gym for myself. As I started thinking over the one year that I have been making music, that’s literally what this song became. How I had to learn every thing myself with no ones help while trying to do it at the same time, feeling like no one wanted to talk or reach out, and still how this year was amazing for me to accomplish what I have.

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