Nick Rivera – Emotionless @whoisnickrivera


Nick Rivera’s single, “Emotionless”, is an acoustic driven melodic anthem. Heartbreak is something we all can relate to but not all admit.

For Nick Rivera, it’s always been about being dynamic. When it’s all said and done, you won’t be able to remember him as just an artist or producer. The Puerto-Rican American was born and raised under a single mother in Harlem, New York. Upon watching his grandparents participate in choir, he soon developed a personal interest in music. With influences like Frank Ocean, Justin Bieber , and A$AP Rocky, a strong interest in Pop and Rap, and actively writing poetry it was a seamless transition into doing the music thing full-time. He initially went by apartmenttwenty1 and stuck to R&B, but has now refined his ability to create more melodic, poppy music that all can enjoy.

Although it was an interest all his life, the 19-year-old confirmed that music was his calling after one semester at a liberal arts college, where he also gained a love for fashion. With that, he started Not Nice which he dubs a creative collective far beyond just clothing. Besides music he is working toward being involved in TV shows, movies, and simply being a creative all around. His plans to intertwine and engage in all these avenues set up him up for lasting success. Being the youngest to graduate in his high school class, he’s always felt that edge in competing with other and knew his potential. He hopes to build his own aesthetic and leave his impression whoever comes by him or his music. Age is merely a number, but the skill set and range cannot be quantified.

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