Preme C. Ft A.D8 – LUV ME @CZR1790


“LUV ME” is the first single from Preme C.’s project, “Life’s a Maze Love’s a Riddle”. The song describes the struggle an individual can go through when they’re not loved by the person they fell in love with. LUV ME is live on Spotify while the album is set to release on Valentine’s Day this year.

Born and raised in NYC, Preme C. takes you into his world with relatable situations and lyrics anyone can sing along to. Drawing inspiration from his personal experiences, Preme C. blends rap and melodies to form his own unique & creative sound. Using the platform SoundCloud, he began to upload music in early 2018 and moved on to release singles on bigger platforms like Apple & Spotify later in the year. In September 2018, Preme C. dropped a 6 track project named The Uptwn Hippie Vol 1. Since releasing music, he stays extremely active dropping singles like “WRLD”, “Enemies” & “LUV ME” with no signs of slowing down. He is set to release his next project named Life’s a Maze Love’s a Riddle on February 14, 2019.

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