Ron Solemn – HATE @ronsolemn_


“HATE” is the sixth track off of Ron Solemn’s latest project, “Ronald”, released July 19, 2019. The most trap heavy song on the entire album, “HATE” is an uptempo, bass heavy venting session for Ron Solemn. After spending a night out being social due to the recommendation of his fictional therapist, Solemn realizes exactly why he seldom goes out. Surrounded by superficial, adulterous, and annoying women and men, Solemn goes on an uncensored rant explaining exactly why he “hates” both “bitches” and “niggas”.

Ron Solemn is a 20-something year old rapper/singer from Hillside, New Jersey. He started making music in 2013, simply as a YouTube singer covering popular R&B hits from John Legend and Stevie Wonder. Over his college years this interest in music only grew as he became surrounding by friends who had the same passion, and by 2016, Ron Solemn ventured into rapping for the first time. Since then he’s only grown more in love with music , seeking to make it a career, and using his music as a vessel to relay messages and intense emotions.

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