Sadfriendd – Le Soleil (a song for you) @sadfriendd


Aaron Brandford, also known by his artist name Sadfriendd, is a young artist who lives in a small town in Virginia. He started music after he lost his father last year. His family went through alot of financial issues so he used music to express his emotions. He grew up in an artistic family. His grandfather was deeply in love with music and inspired him to want to get into music from a young age. Sadfriendd lived in Virginia for most of his life but he will proudly say he is from Baltimore, Maryland. He’s the oldest of his siblings and lives with his single mother.

He always wanted to make music but he never really had any support so he was nervous to try it. Eventually, he learned how to mix and master his music and edit vocals and started making music in his bedroom. He mad music for sad people because he believes people mistake sadness and expression of feelings for a sign of weakness and a cry for attention.

His newest track “Le Soleil”, is a dedication song to his girlfriend that address society’s ill ways of viewing our self expressions of love.

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