SO – Astral Zone @sostandovation


There is no such thing as a box when comes to the music duo SO. Bronze Baby Shoes and The Character treat every song as a creation in its own right. Their music has roots in Hip Hop, described as “Full Moon Funk” and styled as “Andre 3000 flying on a killer ecstasy peyote cocktail cooked up by the Dow Chemical Company”. SO is on a mission to continually challenge and bend genre’s to the whims of the studio session. Check out their latest drop, “Astral Zone”, on Spotify.

Production/lyricist duo SO {Standing Ovation} consists of Alexandria Virginia producer Bronze Baby Shoes and Echo Park vocalist/lyricist The Character. SO adds their unique musical tastes to create the fresh sounds of a post hip-hop era experimentation. Engaging fans both with audio and visual, the duo have influenced many ways that music can appeal to people. A trippy fusion of experimental, a love for hip hop and thought-provoking lyrical concepts has bonded this musical friendship of SO’s. Their experience over the years offers a whole new take on artistic creativity. This time SO features MC Bouvvieau. A native Los Angelean and a promising aspiring young rapper.

SO is ready to take their experience, inspiration and love of all music types to produce a performance that would be its own tornado of hope and triumph. Bronze Baby Shoes a diverse musical range and The Character’s vocal schizophrenia displays the group’s long-standing love for punk, goth, hip hop, and experimentation.

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