TYJ GO FWAY – Getcha Money @TYJgoFWAY


“Getcha Money” from TYJ GO FWAY is a bouncy, energetic, pop hop classic that contains all of the elements to become a smash hit for the entire decade. The catchy melodies and repetitive hook on this jingle make it almost impossible to sit still without breaking into sudden dance moves. Work hard to play hard is the motto, and ‘Getcha Money’ is the perfect anthem for any upbeat playlist. This song is sure to energize anyone who is looking to get paper.

TYJ GO FWAY is a multi talented individual destined for greatness. His special ability to craft the perfect beat and put a catchy hook on every song is truly legendary. Pretty soon, every TOP 40 artist and label will be waiting on a long list to get in the studio for a guaranteed smash hit.

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