Wyler – White @official_wyler


Young rising Greensboro, GA rapper Wyler rides an exotic production from Tash for his latest, “White”.

The name of my single is “White”. I gave it that name because of the beats name is monday on you tube. I was thinking off name it “(Off)White” at first. But I changed to White Monday as a reference to Black Friday. But I just cut that off and just named it “White”.

The story behind the song came about from everything I was dealing with upon my life starting right after graduating high school dealing with music and a little later after I get on and start making money. Being fresh, girls gawking at me when see me in public, me and my team crashing a couple of parties and turning that shit up. I’ve worked alot of hard jobs to get hundreds of dollars worth of studio equipment so I can start making music, because there is no (good) studio where I live.

A Lot of people laughed at me and doubt me so I had to cut everyone off and just focus on my music, which I know will pay off in the long run. This song is for anyone who is on their grind or got on their grind and see the results they wanted, those who were counted down but they weren’t out, the underdogs of the society.

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