Young Dinero Banks – Murder @young_dinero48


Young Dinero Bank’s new single “Murder” off his “Clout Culture” mixtape is a verbal attack to any rapper reaching for that top spot in the rap game.

Young Dinero Banks (YDB) is a up and coming artist based out of Yonkers New York. Growing up with one foot in the streets and one foot in his college education. Dinero knew from early on he wanted to strive for something positive. Growing up in a very musical family and being introduced to hardcore New York hip hop at an early age. Dinero saw music as his outlet to express all the life experiences he had gained. Whether it’s expressing the college lifestyle, complicated relationships, or just a in depth outlook of today’s society.

Dinero brings a plethora of catchy flows and lyricism to every track, and strives to be at the top of the music industry. YDB not only has high aspirations, but he makes it a point to reach these goals without changing who he is as a person and avoiding the gimmicks that many other artist abuse in the industry.

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