YungGlockBoi – ParkedAtTheLookout @GlockBoi5


“ParkedAtTheLookout” is the first official single from YungGlockBoi. It’s a song that’s very inspired by Synthwave, Lo-fi and Trap/Hip-Hop. The song doesn’t have much to tell lyrically speakin’ but that’s also not the meaning with the song. “ParkedAtTheLookout” is just supposed to put you in a zone or like really feel the vibe.

YungGlockBoi is a 16 yrs old rapper from Denmark trying to climb the ranks. His rap-style is usually very focused on the aesthetic it brings and usually has synth melodies. Some of his other work is much heavier on 808’s and more inspired by heavy rock. This is usually not the type of music he makes but it is there. His rap lane is either an inspiration from Vaporwave/synths or rock.

Right now, he’s working on EPs and an upcoming album. Behind his back, he also has a gang filled with other artists. These include LoudlyMuted, Joe Soap, and the upcoming Yung Courtie. They are all together workin’ on an upcoming collab album called “GlockGang (Vol. 1)”.

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