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You ever find yourself driving through the night with the windows rolled down and mellow music playing in the background and got lost in the moment? Ahmee’s single, “Let You Know”, is not just a song, it’s a trip. It brings you feelings of nostalgia, the type that you never thought you could return to.

Growing up immersed in the underground subculture of the Internet, Queens artist Ahmee’s intoxicating yet versatile hip-hop with rock sensations has managed to reach audiences all around the globe. Since the beginning of his musical journey in late 2016, his music not only provides nostalgic vibes but takes you onto a trip of melancholic melodies. His collaboration with native Wisconsin and NYC based artist, Ted Park, who delivers a broad rapid delivery of hip-hop and RnB, shows his ability to bring people together with catchy melodies. Although, his influences range from Underoath to Travis Scott, his style is often associated with Lil Peep and Post Malone. Since the start of his career, Ahmee has only had plans of working his way to the top as he is currently focusing on building his fan base and releasing an EP project.

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