Brad Hester – All of That @IAmBradHester


“All Of That” is the intro track and lead single off Brad Hester’s debut R&B EP. Brad handles the verses and chorus with finesse giving the listener multiple melodies to grab onto over acoustic guitar production. The lyrics capture the vibe of the “honeymoon phase” most relationships go through and walks the listener through the emotions they feel during this time.

Hailing from the home of Hip Hop, Bronx artist Brad Hester is determined to be the new face of rap music. Brad effortlessly blends thought provoking, self confident verses with catchy melodic choruses over new age hip hop production. Imagine the unique flows and lyricism of Jay-Z and Eminem in the 90’s mixed with the exciting, energetic, mainstream Hip Hop appeal of artists such as Future and Drake and you will have a good idea of Brad’s overall sound.

The motivational, boisterous lyrics found in the majority of Brad’s discography come from a place of failure and adversity. He often uses his rhymes as a means of encouraging his listeners with the hopes it will motivate them to overcome hardships. Musically, Brad has emptied out his bank account on public relation promotions that did not gain an ounce of traction for his career. He has lost hundreds of his own hard earned money on performance ticket sales scams. He has completed albums that were never released due to an unprofessionally run record label he was part of. He was constantly told he didn’t have what it took to be a rap superstar by multiple blogs, DJs and record label A&R’s. Despite all of this, Brad always felt his purpose in life was to create music with a message, and that it would be the only way for him to truly live the life he had always imagined. He knew he would have to make a living while pursuing the dream though.

Brad received his Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University in 2013 and has been working as an elevator technician by day and a Hip Hop recording artist by night since 2014. Since then Brad has racked up a number of accolades both online and offline. He is now verified on multiple social media outlets and has received multiple blog posts from sites such as,, and The Source. Performance wise Brad put on a superb show for a packed house with fellow artist Topaz Jones at Drom. He put on an explosive set at Tammany Hall opening up for Dyme-A-Duzin. He also had Yale University turnt up during his opening performance for Vic Mensa. His biggest, most memorable performance happened in Goldstein Auditorium where he opened up for Tyga to a crowd of more than a thousand people and he is currently (2019) set to headline a music festival in the Bronx hosted by RoundSeven.

Brad plans to release several music singles and a lot of visuals in the upcoming months in order to gain more buzz and momentum before setting up event performances and various shows around the country. More than a decade since his music journey started, Brad believes he is in the best position of his life to truly make his way to rap superstardom.

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