David Frederick – Endgame @DavidSoldOut


“Endgame” is a gritty hip-hop song with a charismatic hook and aggressive, upbeat delivery. The pop-culture references and rap-heavy verses performed by David Frederick give this song an appeal to trendy commercial rap and underground hip-hop fans alike.

David Frederick is a 23-year-old hip-hop artist from Denver, CO. His music is quickly breaking ground while David influences listeners with a contentious, gritty sound that captivates audiences with its powerful energy and addicting ambiance. Following the September 2017 release of his free EP “Drunk Love & Designer Drugs,” David toured the American West and Midwest; performing live in 7 states and 15 different cities. He continues to break the implicit boundaries of being an independent artist by consistently exceeding the stifling status quo set by commercial record labels. With a growing, loyal fan base and an inspiring work ethic, David Frederick is an artist to watch as he proceeds to deliver quality, original music throughout 2019.

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