EEN – Detached @EENATX


Austin-based artist EEN’s latest release, “Detached”, is a melodic memoir of his engaged, fast-paced lifestyle that is well reflected by his unique cadences and meditative lyricism. The new tune is comparable to the likes of 6 Dogs and JuiceWRLD even more so considering the track is mixed by Enviyon, one of Juice’s engineers.

EEN is a 20 year old artist from Austin, Texas who makes music for the people who have lost loves and suffered in life. He used to struggle with depression but has turned his life around in the past couple years. He wants others to be able to hear his music because he knows that other people have gone through what he has as well and would appreciate what he’s saying. Not only that but he feels it could help people to overcome their rough times and be able to move past things as it helped him with this.

EEN is love oriented and stays around his family as much as possible, and being close to the southern united states never hurts as he loves the south too. Currently living in New Orleans while going to Austin frequently for business, EEN recently broke out on the the underground scene with his hit “RAINSTORMS” that has gained some traction for its heartfelt message of pain and triumph. Now he’s flying around the country focusing on many business opportunities surrounding his music. Watch out this guys going to be big.

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