GeminiJynX – GEMS


After releasing a classic filled with the legends of NewYorkCity . GEMINIJYNX returns with an EP titled “GEMS” that resonates and embodies the what caring about the cultures future sounds like . Rather than following the trends most artist tail today . GEMINI went a different route which leads back to the roots with his own twist and touch , impacting and meaningful bars that should be considered gems because of how deep they hit . The melodies are hypnotizing and have high playback value .This 5 pack of records is a phenomenal listen . Covering multiple genres in a timeless and well articulated manor . It represents growth , the strength in vulnerability , and a side of GEMINIJYNX we have yet to witness till now . The production choices are immaculate from start to finish . With all the controversy surrounding the future of hiphop and sales , lack of passion and creativity in todays hiphop sound , it seems GEMINI just threw a cape on to change the trajectory. Independently reaching the iTunes Charts after a little under a weeks notice of the release . It’s safe to say some of the greatest artists are still out there waiting to be heard and discovered , you just have to dig deep to find the GEMS


LINK : GeminiJynX – GEMS

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