Good Energy – Show Me @GoodEnergy206


Good Energy from Seattle, WA and Ace from Boston team up to collaborate on this smooth song for the men and women titled “Show Me”. With nice lyrics, meaning and energy. Great hook melody and rap lyrics.

The Seattle music scene is continuing to make itself known one step at a time. With so many artists out there, the diversity of sound is all around so chances are, a casual listener will be able to find an artist who caters to their mood at any given time. One of these artists is Good Energy who is adding to his catalog by finishing up his latest project “Room Keys and Choosing Fees.”

Originally from Seattle where he is currently based out of, Good Energy has spent time all over the country as he grew up partially in California, San Antonio, and South Carolina, each place imprinting the customs of their perspective regions which you can hear when you listen to his music. It’s because of this that you can’t really put him in any sort of box or specific genre as he’s always working on something new to catch the listeners attention. He began recording his own music using Garage Band in 2010, right around the time he began performing and recording with other artists including HP The GameGod, D Man, Dundee and Pyro. He recorded his first project in Portland, Oregon with artist B Maja and Tyus who he met when they were younger.

Always knowing he was destined to be an entertainer in some way, he recorded the song “Danimals” which was met with a positive reception by those who heard it. From there he was encouraged to pursue music by those who were around him. When listening to his music the listener can expect an array of songs ranging from Rap and R&B to Hyphy and Adult Contemporary, through his art its easy to see that his albums have something for everyone to vibe to. Living up to the motto and stage name “Good Energy” sound is influenced by 90’s hip hop, reality rap and pimp music, basically anything that has a smooth sound with something to say.

Growing up he was influenced by artists like the legendary Mac Dre, E40, Messy Marv,
Master P, Snoop Dogg, The Jacka, Jadakiss as well as others. Also on the list, artists like Donell Jones and Erykah Badu as well as the influence of Gospel music.

Earlier this year, Good Energy released an album titled “Energizer & Eros Guide” as well as some singles and videos from his “Room Keys and Choosing Fees” project. Currently he has been doing shows with Jewels Simo’s at her modeling events as well as performing at the “Respect” show back in July as well as preparing to open for Gwopp and Mozzy in Yakima and then again in Seattle on August 30th. Beyond that, he has upcoming shows in Las Vegas before returning to Washington and performing in Tacoma in October of this year.

Looking to reach a wider audience he has been working on some videos with Hunnid K Servo who is the person that has been recording the new music that he and T Gamer have been putting out. Through it all he holds onto the mantra of Good Energy as he feels this is the time where he is truly coming into his own by defining his personality which allows him to show his true character on stage. In a world where music seems to be a commodity, his authenticity just might be the thing that sets him apart from the crowd.

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