Kaj – West LA @kajwaverider


“West LA” is the first official single from Kaj and producer GotDemTacos. It is about Kaj’s nightlife experiences during his short time living in West LA/Hollywood. Coming straight from a religious cult to solo artist in LA trying to make it, he just wanted to make a fun song. The tracks DNA is made up of bottle girls, club vibes, and thumpin’ bass.

Southern California artist, Kaj, blends the sounds of hard hitting bass with smooth R&B and rap vocals. Kaj has been creating music since the age of 15 and was one of the lead vocalists of San Diego Pop/Hip-Hop group Super Groupie. Signed to Pacific Records in 2012, the group achieved minor success in the industry. Working with the group until 2015, he decided to take a completely different path.

Lost and confused, Kaj ended up joining a religious cult and relocating to the Pacific Northwest. He completely quit music and left his past life behind. About a year and a half later something clicked, he knew he wasn’t himself and realized that life in the cult wasn’t for him. Kaj decided to relocate to Hollywood, CA and give his solo career a shot. With a new lease on his life and an unrelenting focus on creating fun and positive music, Kaj has turned into a musical force to be reckoned with and is determined to share his story and music with the world.

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