kindmile – i wanna know you. @kindmile


kindmile may only be nineteen but you can tell he’s been through a lot by the way he writes his lyrics. They have so much soul in the way it’s sung, you can tell they really come from the heart. kindmile is very truthful in that that everything he says is from his own life experience and his philosophies in life (he makes very introspective music that makes you think and feel some type of way). If you haven’t heard of kindmile yet you will in the very near future.

For now, you can indulge in his single “i wanna know you.”. Read his description detailing the release.

“This song is about feeling stuck in that thinking of, damn how do I get this person to think of me the way I think of them. Should I try harder to be something I’m not or is being myself enough. It’s about really wanting to get to know that one person you adore in your life, and really give them you’re all, giving them the very best version of you possible.”

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