“She’s Gone” is a somber “let go” song, which is told through themes of love and heartbreak. Lvl One Hero displays his emotions and how he feels when his hopes and dreams weren’t returned in kind.

Throughout the song, he reflects on his one-sided relationship, while “Chasing ghosts from his memories” he recovers a glimpses of moments in their past of him trying to make her stay while she tried her best to pull away. Finally coming to the conclusion that “She’s long gone” he starts the healing process and begins to move on.

This is the lead single to Lvl One Hero’s Junior EP ?????? ????.

Born Solo-Man Wright in 1994, now over the age of 23 originally from Toronto, ON. Rapper Lvl One Hero(also known as “One”) first emerged in 2017 with a series of online tracks under his former stage name “1NE” that hinted early on at the versatile style he would come to develop, a sound that blended elements of Cloud Rap and Trap influenced by T-Pain, Lil Uzi Vert, and Childish Gambino with the energy of punk and metal inspired by Breaking Benjamin, 30 Seconds to Mars and Linkin Park.

Melodic release after release allowed the artist the opportunity to have two of his singles “Company” & “All These Drugs” to be placed in Spotify’s R&B Playlist “Just Vibing” & one of Canada’s number one hiphop playlists “Northern Bars”.

After a few Showcase Performances, “All These Drugs” circulated throughout the Country on Toronto’s #1 Hip-Hop Radio Station FLOW 93.5FM. Lvl One Hero was then approached by

5th Avenue in London to open for Nav & 88Glam during the weekend of the Juno Awards. Performing in a packed Venue, Lvl One Hero shot the Music Video for All These Drugs with the help and direction of Marcus Letts, Editor of YBN Almighty Jay – Let Me Breathe & Yung Tory – Dripset.

Hero has already gained so much traction since his first release “Flex on My Ex” in September of 2018. It’s only a matter of time till everyone knows his name.

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