Mayde – Run It Back! @falsemayde


‘Run It Back!’ is a hype Hip-Hop/Rap song from Mayde. It features a distorted bass, screaming lyrics and a vulgar attitude which is all a big trend in todays genre of Hip-Hop. ‘Run It Back’ is about Mayde believing he is better than most new-school rappers out and that he will be one of the best. Attacking the new-school, he also raps about warning those who try to discredit him and his abilities.

No stranger to the hip-hop scene, Mayde is a 19 year old rapper currently residing in Australia who focuses on his musical talents, such as his lyricism, wordplay and bars. He uses his frustration and anger to push himself to the top of the game which he so desperately strives for. Mayde started rapping at only 14 and has studied dozens of different rappers spanning from the 80’s to the late 2010’s. His idols and inspirations include XXXTentacion, Billie Eilish, Alessia Cara, Eminem and Royce da 5’9″ who are only just a few to be named. Mayde is open to doing many types, kinds and genres of Hip-Hop/Rap and is one of the most versatile rappers of this new-coming generation.

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