Mixtape: @Murdakkh “Anakin Seed Episode 2″ The Road To Old Japan


Check out the latest Mixtape release from Murdakkh “Anakin Seed Episode 2″ The Road To Old Japan. With features from Shifty Shiftacular, Lucille Pierre, Two Sides, and more.

Direct Download Link: http://www.audiomack.com/album/murdakkh/anakin-seed-episode-2-the-road-to-old-japan?follow

More On Murdakkh

Summer of 2014 saw the release of Anakin Seed-Episode 1, a well-rounded and diverse record that truly put New Jersey hip hop artist, Murdakkh’s, versatility as a musician, on display for all to hear.
Now, a year later, this up-and-coming superstar-to-be releases the newest edition to the series, Anakin Seed-Episode 2: Road to Old Japan. A record that that continues to emphasize Murdakkh’s turbo-charged creative abilities, while being drastically different, in terms of content, from Episode 1.
As this young hip hop artist from Belize Central America forges ahead in his career, it is no doubt that Murdakkh is one to keep your eyes on. His creative talents, musical intelligence, and ability to make decisions that improve the overall quality of his final product will carry him far as he continues to grow and mature as an artist.
Keep your ears open and your eyes locked, because if he continues to produce quality music at the rate he has, it won’t be long before Murdakkh is a household name for hip hop fans of all varieties.

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