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New Music: Amen-Ra – Talk My Shit


“Actually, when I first came up with the concept for this song, it was called ‘The Finale,’.” Amen-Ra offers, as he begins to breakdown the meaning behind his just unleashed, radio ready head-nodder, “Finished.” Pausing briefly, he continues, “The premise was an explosive song that personified the word. My co-writer, Devo D., switched the metaphor and I piggybacked off his idea.”

“Finished” comes courtesy of the bona-fide triple threat’s [Ra’s an established singer-songwriter-choreographer] eagerly awaited, soon-to-be released debut solo EP, F.I.N.A.O. [Failure Is Not An Option]. “For my first EP, and intro to the world as an artist, it had to be explosive. So, I kept it short and sweet with six songs; all up-tempo, high energy, big production…”Finished,” “I Does This,” “Music Is My Drug,” “We Run This Party,” “On my Own Ish” and “Party Of A Lifetime”…Says it all,” he describes precisely, when queried as to what exactly his mind-state initially was going into this project.

Prior to even his own solo works, the New York City based self-professed ladies man – who is half Trini and professes to love his West Indian roots – had already made quite a splash in the industry, working alongside such music royalty as Mariah Carey, Jay-Z, Sting, Kelly Rowland and Trey Songz, to name some. “Well, it all started out by me being behind the scenes. I made a name for myself as a choreographer and artist developer to some high profile people; word travels, it’s a small industry,” he humbly mentions, when speaking of these earlier, albeit stellar, career endeavors.

Amen-Ra, who names – in no particular order – the legendary Michael Jackson [RIP], Prince, J. Cole, Busta Rhymes, Kendrick Lamar, Ne-Yo, LL Cool J, and Salt-n-Pepa as some of his biggest influences, only aspires to follow in those same giant footsteps left by these aforementioned greats.

On the subject of today’s R&B trends, would it be fair to say that Amen-Ra is happy with its current state? “Eh…No. There’s no more classic music, it’s just seasonal. What’s hot for the moment. No one really pushes the envelope anymore,” he answers emphatically, with just a hint of irritation in his usually subdued voice.

“My style is inspirational; I want you to feel alive, and have fun in the moment because life is too short,” the muscle bound ex-football standout makes quite clear. Re-iterating, He concludes sounding confident yet not at all conceited, “I feel like I can give a connection that is mad real. It’s like a connection to everyday life of who we are. I plan to be a whole different type of animal. I want to make this a better world for future generations; I want to inspire and be inspired. I want to enjoy life, and see others enjoy life too.”

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