Newport Savy – All Kinda Money @Newport_savy


“All Kinda Money” is the latest song released by Newport Savy. He raps about different avenues of income in order to achieve financial stability. “All Kinda Money” is a ‘get hype’ song about coming from the bottom and doing what’s required to get the things you want in life. Newport Savy is not one to leave his loved ones behind when he makes it. “If my homie need money I’ll assign him something put him on game I ain’t like them clowns and dummies” lets listeners know that he will go the extra mile to help a friend come up as well. Newport Savy states “I just wanted listeners to realize you can come from nothing and still get everything you want and need out of life”.

Newport Savy is an American rapper from Newport News, Virginia. The product of a single-parent household with nearly 7 other siblings, Newport Savy, born Gary Williams is no stranger to the struggle and has lived through the things he raps about. He is from a close-knit family and treasures his familial relationships, especially with his mother. Previously recognized by the names G.Savage and G Money, Newport Savy first got into the rap game at the tender age of 14, buying his first low budget microphone in 2013. His musical influences were rappers Meek Mill, Lil Wayne, Lil Durk, and singers such as Chris Brown and Bryson Tiller.

His first official project “Timberwolves” was released on November 4th, 2016, and was a play on words, in dedication to his childhood neighborhood Timberwoods in Newport News, Virginia. He was raised in the Warwick Lawns division of the Timberwoods neighborhood in North Newport News, which is where he first saw many of the childhood traumas he raps about in his lyrics. Another tragedy he highlights is the death of his childhood friend Bryant Wilder who lost his life to gun violence in the city of Newport News. He often shouts him out in songs as a tribute to his death in honor of the close relationship they had.

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