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Power Moves Media Presents Nitro Starring In 10’s

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February brings the two new releases from Oklahoma’s finest, Derrick “Nitro” Booker, an alumni Hip Hop artist in his own right and CEO of Power Moves Media-50 Shades of Power, a compilation with a slew of talent that hit the mixtape circuit just in time for Valentine’s Day.  50 Shades of Power combines the quintessential thug-passion-esque love songs for the ladies and the bass-line driven, hard-hitting rhymes for the gentlemen packaged within a resurgence of that feel-good R&B. Featuring tracks from artists including Young Star, Super Jay, Xclusive and a feature with Ray J titled ‘Splash’ with Nitro delivering his signature milky, confident flow in tandem with Ray J’s crooning. 50 Shades of Power is sure to be the editor’s pick because it definitely set the mood for the lovers on February 14th which by the way is one of the sexiest tracks by Young Star on the project that you must put on repeat. A few remakes make the cut- Color Me Badd’s “I’m Gonna Sex You Up” and Salt and Pepa’s “Let’s Talk About Sex” both with a flossy, millennial twist.


On the political front, Nitro has been in the studio masterminding music with a message with his single “On 10’s” that came about amidst the racial turmoil and unrest plaguing the Black Community, specifically Black men and the police and unfair treatment. Namely, the Travon Martin, Eric Garner and Mike Brown debacles that played out in the media across the nation resulting in grand jury decisions where white police and a white attacker were not criminally charged.  To be ‘On 10’s’ as Nitro explains, “is the compiled and multiplied level of tripping after your status is on one” [sic] and an intelligently, coiffed and raucous response to the disorderly conduct by police and supposedly law-abiding citizens and the recent as well as ongoing disregard for Black lives. “On 10’s” is sure to get you hyped and most importantly be a catalyst for a call to action to get involved in civil and human rights movements to right these glaring atrocities. Salute to you Nitro.



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