Ryélle – Last Call @ryellemusic


Ryélle’s newest release “Last Call” is a cautionary tale of a drunken lover trying to reach their significant other with no success. With a Marvin’s Room kind of vibe, she describes a plethora of feelings as the night goes on. Be careful “not to mix Love and Liquor…” she sings.

nclude minimal but effective harmonies with smooth R&B vocals and instrumentation. Ryélle writes her music from experience, when she finds it difficult to express her feelings she turns them into a song. Ryélle is a messenger, a healer and a story teller, and she is thrilled to share her gifts with the world. “Ideally, I want to have the chance to reach and motivate young women that grew up in similar conditions as I did”, she states.

With transparency, Ryélle is sharing not only her gifts but her struggles as well in hopes that another young woman can rise above their circumstances. She rallies for the independence of women and wants them to reclaim their power even when the odds are against them. She has set out to make a name for herself not only as a singer-songwriter but also as a music mogul becoming a top influential artist and businesswoman.

In 2018, Ryélle saw success in her debut release “Swim” which is a bass/drum heavy R&B jam produced by Dreamville producer Kaleb ‘K Quick’ Rollins and written by the songstress herself. The heavy drums combined with her power vocals and distinct tone creates a unique sound unlike any other records out. The single has been featured in Cosmopolitan’s, The Braid Up hair tutorial, earning over 17 million views on Facebook alone.

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