Audio Recap Of Last Nights #HipHopTownHall Atlanta | @K100_Radio @OmenAgency @ReneeTheG


Audio Recap Of Last Nights #HipHopTownHall Atlanta


Last night in Atlanta the weather was awful; the entire Westide had power issuse’s, personally my power went out, but the Omen Agency stayed open. On Peters Street The Omen Agency shined like a beacon amongst a storm.

I would say roughly 30 people braved the weather to have a discussion on the state of Black Media, the acron of the matter that is Blackness was discussed as well, and the conversation went well. Renee Gardner is an excellent host and K-100 Radio is the most technically sound internet radio station I have ever seen. If you want to hear the discussion, which ranges from how music free music would you need to push out to make an impact, to what comes to mind when you think of Black media and also do streotypes of Black people affect Black media, click the link below.

Link to audio recap

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