Ever met a Happy Mistress? | @theconservwhore


Ever met a Happy Mistress? | @theconservwhore


A Mistress couldn’t possibly be happy, right? You know, the woman that hides in the closet in the skin tight, leather body suit or was it that woman at his job with that big fake smile pretending to adore your relationship with him? Whomever she may be, she is not prepared for her pretendship to be exploited in this way.


“This is stuff the ‘side chick’could never pull off! Is there going to be a part two?” -anonymous reader

: Here is a look into a real life experience told raw, uncut and in living color through the words of a long term happy mistress. The dramatic look into the eyes of “the other woman” in a not-so-perfect marriage.

Meet the Woman Behind the Mistress

Noella Fe is a new age voice to old age problems. She combines all the fun that life can bring through her writing, all while getting to the heart of controversial matters. As a freelance writer with a number of major ghostwriting projects, Fe took the viral audience and began blogging. This is when she launched The Conservative W.H.O.R.E. The blog grew in popularity which sparked from its witty and controversial tell all content. In less than a year, she was offered a hosting spot by the company ONBLAST Radio and her online radio show took off.

The Fuel Behind the Publication

In 2009, The Conservative W.H.O.R.E. premiered on Blog Talk Radio, through OnBlast Radio, where she hosted adult conversations with an edge, bringing all the “behind closed doors” issues to the front. It was the fans that empowered the show and the awareness of tough subjects like online dating, single parent drama, gay relationships, and of course, even cheating while being married.


It’s never my fault; It’s always the man and his wife with the problems; I am a mere solution. That’s the message and the image I’d like to uphold. The true problem comes when years have passed and he is torn between his home and reality.

Starting on February 1st, pre-ordering will be available on Amazon and Kindle.

He said,“I never thought I could love two women, never thought I’d have two wives”. If he thought that, that’s his business. “Damn! 15 years you have been good to me. You need to write a book.”

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