Calling 1999 testing results inconclusive Hot Springs, Arkansas native Danney Williams has been campaigning recently on the premise of his request of a re-test which he ultimately hopes will prove that he is indeed the son of former President Bill Clinton. In a statement released by his representatives Mr. Williams had this to say:

Before passing judgment, I ask the citizens and media of this great nation to honestly review the evidence and my reasoning.  I also would like to shed light on how the widely reported DNA test in 1999—which allegedly disproves that he and I are not father and son—was in fact fundamentally flawed in how it was executed and reported thereafter.

Well let’s take a look at the evidence he has offered to substantiate his request. According to Mr. Williams he has taken issue with the published conclusion which was attached to Kenneth Starr’s impeachment proceedings vindicating President Clinton from paternal duties.  According to Mr. Williams: The Starr report only included the results of a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) that the FBI used to determine whether Clinton’s DNA matched Ms. Lewinsky’s dress. In fact this is not enough data to determine if Bill Clinton is my father or not.  FBI lab’s test refraction fragmented length polymorphism (RFLP) would also be required to make this determination. The PCR test alone would not be enough to legally prove or disprove paternity.

Other accounts of Mr. Williams include the following hearsay:

“According to my mother and aunt, when President Bill Clinton was governor, he took on some responsibility as a parent, by providing some financial assistance. They both told me that a man driving a car with state tags, placed an envelope of cash in my mother’s mailbox every month and that the envelope always included seven crisp $100 bills. They also told me that an Arkansas State Trooper brought Christmas presents to our home for me every year. I read a retired State Trooper Larry Patterson also confirmed this in his book which I bought in a yard sale one summer. To me it seemed that President Clinton wanted to be involved in my life, even if it was only in the smallest capacity.”

Mr. Williams claims to have no political motivations and merely wants to know the truth at this point in his life if who he is and where he comes from. You Be The Judge. For more on this story, see the film “BANISHEDThe Untold Story of Danney Williams


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