Soulja Boy Threatens Man With Assault Riffle – @SouljaBoy @Skrill_dilly


I just report the “news” …..

A friend of a friend sent me some tea about Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’s Soulja Boy that I found interesting. We all know that Soulja Boy has been caught with fake cash and even lied about signing a $400 million dollar deal with a poker game app…

Anywho  Soulja Boy is now being accused of faking it again, but this time supposedly it’s his music which is ironic considering it is the one thing that he pretty much gets right every single time…. Skrill Dilly an ex best friend of Soulja boy speaks out in a statement to the press and exclusively Lady Thriller :

In 2014 Soulja Boy and Skrill-Dilly were associates and they got into it over Soulja Boy stealing beats from Skrill. He started saying disrespectful things about Nia Riley who is Teddy Riley’s daughter  which is Soulja Boy’s Ex girl friend on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. Soulja Boy took to twitter telling social media her p*ssy was loose and she’s ugly and not Teddy Riley’s daughter. So Skrill told Soulja Boy via twitter to chill out and defended her saying that at the end of the day she is a woman. Soulja responded pointing a gun in a video threatening Skrill’s life (while on probation).

Wow that is a mouthful… The above text is unedited as it is an exact statement from Skrill Dilly’s team.

Check out the photos and video of evidence below…

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