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Performed & written by :Aima Vittori ( David Baronik Moga )
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AVAILABLE ON SPOTIFY , ITUNES , TIDAL and many more. Aima Vittori ( David Baronik Moga ) is a new age Hip Hop / Trap artist & co-founder of a local movement 6VN6 ( Renamed from Royal Bunch). Aima Vittori and Purp Kobain started doing music more “seriously” back in 2016. Aima Vittori and Purp Kobain won 1st&2nd place on coast2coast biggest artist showcase in the world Amsterdam edition , back in 2017. Vittori also performed in Prague and all over Slovenia.

In 2016, Aima quit high school to chase his music dream, giving him a slight break to concentrate on his music. 6VN6 (Royal Bunch) also opened a local shisha & cocktail bar at that time. Aima Vittori is a “branched out” artist always looking for new sounds and flows, he doesn’t want to be put in a box that suppresses his creativity.

“I always had this connection with music and art in general .. I can feel the music. Both of my parents are dancers and my grandparents were opera singers. I guess art is in my blood”.

Currently working with KNOW3MBER ( Maj Klasinc ) a local producer that produced alot of Aima’s beats, Purp Kobain and the rest of the 6VN6 “family” as he likes to call them, also sponsored by Shine Papers local -24k gold rolling papers. He is open for collaborations and is looking to branch out as much as he can. His music is available on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes and many more music streaming services.

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