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To jump start 2019, Atwaters releases his new single, “Be4real”. Atwaters impressively showcases his skills by maintaining distinct lyricism and delivering a catchy hook over the Go Grizzly production. The video was shot by ClutchMade productions and Directed by Riot DaGod. Atwaters has been performing in Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan and Thailand. He is already working on his next release which should be expected very soon. Check out the new single, which was shot in Seoul, South Korea.

Atwaters, an international artist living in South Korea that has been making steady progression for the past few years. Originally from Gainesville, Florida, he Going on his 5th year living in South Korea, Atwaters continues to make waves throughout Asia and around the world.

In 2014, Atwaters decided to relocate to South Korea which is where he currently resides. While living in South Korea, he has been gaining more attention from consistent performances and assembling and hosting various events. Orchestrating his own event in Daejeon, South Korea known as the Massive Mic Fest, he merged Korean artists and other International artists. His shows throughout Korea and various Asian countries has gained the awareness of many. Through lyricism, music videos, and crowd exhilarating performances, Atwaters has become the artist to keep an eye on throughout Asia.

After moving to Seoul, South Korea in 2016, he began to take his talents to other countries. He has performed in Japan, Hong Kong, and Philippines, and Thailand. His music Video “These 3 Words” which was shot in Hong Kong caught the attention of Ebro from Hot97, PopkillerPL, and MTVU.

Atwaters is a versatile artist with various songs that differ in beat selection, flow, and lyrical content. Since being overseas, Atwaters has enhanced his skills by delivering music in a different language. On his song “Fill Me In” Atwaters impressively raps in English and Korean to show his skill set and interest in the culture. He was also a participant in SMTM6. With ingenious concepts over distinct production, Atwaters is sure to bring a new sound. He is gaining acclaim from new audiences, which is sure to enhance as he continues.

With multiple performances and music videos filmed in Korea, performances throughout Asia, and international media coverage, it is my humble opinion that Atwaters would be a great candidate or any event or label.

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