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AV The Great

With their debut group project “Bunkin 101” set to be released on all streaming platforms May 18th, AV The Great & Gas House Smitty deliver with a solid visual for their single “Be Okay” directed by Jeff Adair. Touching on a variety of subject matter from social ills, racism, bills, trapping and working a 9 to 5, the lyrics are still catchy with a stellar motivational hook. The track is produced by S. Diesel who had a break out 2017 as the man behind the sound for the viral song “The Race” by Tay-K. The video takes place in cities across New York and Texas reminding viewers no matter where you are from, everybody is going thru something but it’ll be okay.

Remember the adrenaline rush when you heard NWA or Jeezy for the first time? If you were a kid you probably had the of feeling like “I don’t know if my parents want me to hear this but I can’t wait to tell my friends what I discovered”. That is the raw street energy that AV The Great and Gas House Smitty bring on their project, “Bunkin 101”.

If there is a word that defines turning nothing into something, the term would be “Bunkin”. An underground southern term that is commonly used in the streets but has yet to be brought to the mainstream. Like great the Texas groups before them (UGK, The Geto Boys, DSR) they are showcasing a raw sound with honest motivational lyrics.The story of the everyday person that goes to school or working a dead-end job or starting a business or trapping on your favorite digital scale or sometimes, all of the above at the same time. If you getting to the money on a mission, you “Bunkin”. If you having a good time, you “Bunkin”.

AV The Great is a 3 time award winner including “Best Underground Southern Rapper” at the 2015 UMA’s and GasHouse Smitty caught the attention of many when his song “Rambo” racked up over 200k plays on YouTube. They joined forces to create the single “Bunkin” and it has been played on over 20 radio stations including top markets like Dallas, Pheonix and Houston.

Their debut group project “Bunkin 101” is a high energy, fun, no-filter, dangerous yet exciting universal sound with a blend of the same Texas culture that resonates with many and has brought fame to the great artists most recently Drake and Travis Scott. What’s the difference? “Bunkin 101” relates to everyone, not just lady’s and druggies. At least once in your life you’ve felt like you had something to prove with belief that brighter days were soon ahead.

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