BELL- Surf Dr. @ZaeDaKid


“Surf Dr.” is based on BELL’s Spring Break experience in Panama City Beach, FL of 2017. It’s about a girl named Whitney that he met out there. They would have plans to hang out and see each other but those plans didn’t happen and it started to feel like Whitney was just a myth. That’s how BELL came up with the #WheresWhitney movement. The trip was still a nice vibe and encouraged him to make a song about the overall vibe.

BELL is a young rising artist from Clermont, Florida. He grew up listening to a bunch of different artist which inspired his sound up until this point. BELL started writing music when he was only 11 years old and began to get creative with his art which led him to get comfortable enough to record his first song in his 10th grade year of High School. He would record songs, burn CD’s and hand them out at his high school and all the other local high schools in the area to get his name out.

After graduation BELL, joined a group called 98KB that four other guys were apart of it. They began to become the talk of city after releasing songs called Don’t Mean That and The 98KB Anthem. They started doing shows around different cities in Florida and while gaining a buzz with the group BELL with release solo songs to keep his momentum going. The group lasted for about two years and BELL decided to go solo and split from the group and just stay affiliated with them. Now being a duo of Brothers, 98KB and BELL just want to become a strong movement and have a big name around the world.

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