Bilengwall – OMG @Bilengwall1


Bilengwall’s “OMG” is a mix of Reggae and Afro-beats vibe, which highlights the birthday party of a girl that he was sexually attracted to but she was such a flirt and liked playing around with his mind. The London house party experience with the sexy girls is portrayed in this video, he finally attended the party with his crew armed with liquor to set the party and the girls on a new sensual level.

Bilengwall is a 30 year old International Reggae, Dancehall, Reggaeton and Afro-Beat artist originally from Cameroon, Africa. He’s liven in London since the age of 14 and speaks multiple languages such as French, English and Spanish. He’s worked as a football/soccer agent, translator and interpreter as well as a voice over artist for various English and European premier league clubs for almost 10 years. He decided that the time has now come to wave his musical talent flag though the use of his energetic vocals which he has been portraying at local cities in the UK for the past 5 years.

Having previously won the first ever international student karaoke competition which led him to be referred as “Mr Sean Paul” around the Northumbria University campus where he studied and obtained his master degree in 2008. So far, Bilengwall has releases one EP titled “Take A Chance” and 6 singles to date.

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