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Cameron Dietz

Cameron Dietz is a singer, songwriter, and producer that is based out of South Florida. Often, but not limited to writing about heart break or relationships in general, Cam normally is no holds barred about letting out his emotions through lyrics and smooth, soul vocals on all of his own productions. His mellow tone mixed with catchy melodies and word play is the perfect combination of Pop and R&B. He has been featured in local, college, and internet radios. He has also been featured in various music magazines and blogs. He is currently in Florida working on his new LP, slated to drop mid 2018, and continues to rise as he proves the sky holds no limit for the Florida native.

His new video for “Hill Valley” is off of the 2017 EP, “Cam’s 3-Day Weekend”

“The song is about seeing potential and a future with someone romantically, and it doesn’t quite work. It’s about putting your all into someone and getting nothing in return, but you still remember the bright future you saw in them and that is what kept you moving forward. The song is also laced heavily with Back to the Future innuendos.”

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