Ceo Carter x Donnie Visa – Ghost @Ceo_Carter


Ceo Carter and Donnie Visa present “Ghost”, a song about individuals who say they’re riding for you but when it comes down to it their nowhere to be found.

Ceo Carter got his name from his desire to start his own clothing line but due to his love for music at a young age, decided that Ceo would be an even better fit as a music artist. Growing up in Lansing, MI, Ceo Carter was raised in a musical household with his mother and brothers. Like any traditional family, church became a big part of Ceo Carter’s life as he began to attend rehearsals with his mother. He would listen to her sing around the house, try to mimic the hard-pounding lyrics of Heavy D, unaware what his future really had in store.

Now, Ceo Carter resides in Atlanta, GA, willing and ready to take make his print in the “City of Creators” in hopes of shaking up the wave we are all so used to. Ultimately, his mantra, Conquer Every Obstacle proves just that. As he continues to work, build relationships and make music, Ceo Carter has every intention to conquer every obstacle it takes to reach his dreams as an international recording artist.

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