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New York based artist Why Cue release’s his latest music video for his single “Ticket”, produced by Roswell Gray. The sick visual is edited by Rubbin’ Off Paint’s infamous videographer, WaterWippinEvan and co-edited by Official Ape Shit and himself. In the video, Cue sip’s lean enjoying the California lifestyle stopping at smoke shops and burning good dank. After producing for Lil B and getting noticed by Bankhead’s legend Shawty Lo, Cue has been gaining buzz with his single “Drippin” which has gained over 100k in just months. His trippy rap style and self shot video’s further positions him making his mark on the east coast.

Jayquan Cutler, also known as “Why Cue”, was born November 9, 1991 in Peekskill, New York. Before he was born his mother moved from Brooklyn to Peekskill in pursuit of a better life. As a child growing up he had it rough. His biological father was incarcerated for selling narcotics when he was just a early age and wasn’t really around which resulted in his mother struggling to raise him his three brothers and two sisters. He officially got into music at a early age after being inspired from his struggle & seeing his favorite artist live the good life he once dreamed of. Eagar to show his feelings to the world at the age of 11, Why Cue started recording songs with a cheap microphone him and a bunch of friends had stolen from his elementary school music room. The first song he ever recorded was a freestyle to a Young Gunz beat.

Not long after that Why Cue started releasing songs on MySpace and making beats on FL Studio. In the process he also picked up a camera & started shooting his own music videos & also people from around his city. Later he released his first mixtape in 2008 titled Storm & other classics like “Can’t Break The Concrete Vol 1,2 and 3. After being forced to hustle from struggling this encouraged him to conclude that he wanted to pursue a career in the music industry. From age 11 and on Why Cue has taught himself how to be multi-talented making himself a one man band teaching himself how to mix & master his own tracks, shooting & editing his own music video’s. Producing records later lead to him into landing a industry placement for Jive Records artist Lil B “The Based God”.

After investing in a home studio at a young age it also inspired his friends in the process, one who is his partner who goes be the name of Roswell Gray who is also a producer. Why Cue has worked with artist such as Lil B “The Based God”, Shawty Lo, Jurrarri, SODMG, D4L and has opened up for artist like French Montana & Loaded Lux. Being involved in music for about a decade now has accumulated his fan base all over the world. Being unsigned & verified on Twitter & Facebook since 2013 has made Why Cue into a public figure & has gained him many supporters & a following over 200,000 fans.

After cliquing up with Shawty Lo on his last mixtape. The New Yorker drops his 2 latest visuals titled “Drippin” & “Ticket” which are in digital stores now. Produced by his Pluto partner Roswell Gray & Shot by. Why Cue himself. The Pluto duo puts together a new sound under self made Pluto E.N.T(Entertainment) which is a self made label created by the duo which can be purchased at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify & more. Currently affiliated with Sha-Pow Gang (#SPG) an independent music group owned by self made CEO Jurrarri who was once signed with Shawty Lo. Despite his living conditions Cue was added to the group after he was noticed for his hard work, determination & loyalty. After putting in work over years building his public figure he still strives hard everyday ambitiously waiting on the opportunity to make a bigger, better, and more successful reputation for himself.

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