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The video to “U” is a honest and open look at the realities of love. It’s not always easy. Cyr The Don wrote this song as a homage to his true love and mother to his only child. It refers to the difficulties of love in the age of social media. The opening line, “they try to tell me about it but yea I know the game, wouldnt’ve came this far without it cold terrain,” refers to the way social media has made it easier than ever to cheat, it’s only a DM away nowadays. More so the song is about love and second chances. The video perfectly frames a day In the life of a young couple in love. Arguments, making love, going out to have a little fun, and dance the night away, it’s an honest and open look into the lives of two people in love.

An artist, designer, and musician, Cyr The Don has spent the last fifteen years honing his writing and recording skills. Long before he ever discovered his passion for music, though, he felt inside himself a drive to create art. He started out painting and drawing as soon as he was old enough to hold a paintbrush and a pencil and never stopped or even slowed down. When he is creating, that is when he is most at ease with the world. He takes in everything that he sees and then looks for ways to express himself completely and clearly on the canvas or paper at hand. That moment between thought and action, he lives for those moments.

Back when Albert was in school, he would skip most of his classes and hide away in the art room. He was fortunate enough to have a teacher who supported his endeavors, and she said that as long as he showed up to school, she would never tell anyone what he was up to. Looking back, he can’t help but laugh at the long hours he spent in his school’s art room, and there is no denying what an impact those hours had on him. Winning a congressional award for his artwork in high school, earning a feature in the local newspaper, earning inclusion in the Art Museum of South Texas: these experiences were formative and encouraging for him as well.

As a musician, he has opened for some of the most well-known acts in rap, hip-hop, and r&b, allover the state of Texas, accumulating a following through appearances on radio, online (Spotify, iTunes, Tidal etc.) and word-of-mouth. Mendez was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, and although Texas will always be home for him, he is viewing himself more and more as a citizen and artist of the world. He pours all his energy and resources into his career, working hard to stay ahead of the curve and to continue to come up with fresh ideas. A single father, he tries to instill a good work ethic and lead by example.

His upcoming project, Don Fresh, will be the most exciting of his career, further building upon the rap/hip-hop/r&b style that has become his trademark.

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