D. L. Prime – “Hunidville” | @dlprimemob |


Felony Squad Mafia issues an optical treatment to the D.L. Prime-assisted, “Hunidville”

PrimeMediaWorks jumps behind the lens as the collective gives an inside look at the streets of Allentown, Pennsylvania aka “Hunidville”. With plenty of Hennessy on hand, FSM and Prime trap the hell out over the Mubbz Beats street ode. Get familiar to Felony Squad Mafia below and keep both eyes peeled for their “Goonies Never Die” album to release soon.

Born August 9, 1991 in the small city of Allentown, Pennsylvania; Darius Lee Primer has seen his fair share of drama, heartache and uphill battles. As a teenager, he was involved in situations which landed him a jail sentence of 8 years. During which, he lost his mother due to health complications. That would be enough to cause anyone to lose their mind but instead; Darius took his pain and turned it into a passion, using music as a release.

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