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David Nation

Fort Worth, Texas naive David Nation has been giving music a chance since the age 18. Now at age 24, he has started producing for himself and is currently working on his upcoming project, “Death Via Clout”. He’s able to mix rapping and singing very effectively and has huge hit potential when combined together. His music always comes off as very personal and real and that will definitely come in handy as he continues to build on his successes. You might have heard his name from his buzzing song “Iso” which racked up over 150k plays on Spotify since its release last year.

With his new video for “I Know” currently in rotation, David looks to build some momentum leading into the album release. He had this to say about “I Know”:

“I wanted to give people something to vibe to. Something to sing in the shower while the water flow cancels out all the notes they can’t hear themselves sing. I pretty much felt at this moment in my life everybody wanted a piece of me that wasn’t much up for offer which happened to be my sauce. Sauce can be anything ranging from clothes all the way down to how you carry yourself. Honestly with this song it was more the hook that did it for me. I appreciate all of my art equally but once the bass drops on “I Know” you can’t tell me sh*t. I just hope this record makes people feel the same.”

Watch the full video here:

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