Too Eazy – We Lit @thistooeazy


“We Lit” is a record Too Eazy made after being released from jail. It sounds like Big Sean with a little bit of Kanye and Drake mixed in. The production was handled by Doitshowtime.

Too Eazy was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1992 to a single mother. He was raised in North Minneapolis.
His freshman year he rapped in front of his peers for the first time. With the respect and love he got from that first performance, encouraged him to pursue music.

He eventually begin to form a bond with other aspiring artist forming a collaborative musical group based in Minnesota called “Straight Check$” The group has been making music for years for all types of people to enjoy from young to old. Straight Check$ was composed of four main artists, each having their own unique style to offer.

However he decided to uproot from Minnesota and travel to Florida. Still pursuing his dream to become a legendary artist in the rap game; but this time it would be as a solo artist. He got straight to work and founded Actual Factual Entertainment in 2016.

Unfortunately, Being put on probation, violating probation, being put on house arrest and a few short stints in the system slowed progress. Although things were tough. He still fought for what he believed in and took that time to learn how to shoot music videos, make beats, edit and record music himself.

So make sure you stay tuned into to Too Eazy and Actual Factual Entertainment for genuine music, mind-blowing metaphors, punchlines and quality music the game has been “lacking”. Too Eazy may just be the missing link to revitalize rap music.

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