Grasty – Masterbating @KatrinasSon


Grasty is best known for standing out with his music as far as his rap schemes, flow and hooks. “My work isn’t the same everyday rap you would hear” he has said. He raps with swagger, shows creativity with words, & has some bars. What influences him is how he grew up, what’s around him, what he doesn’t want to end up living like & his potential to where he can go. He looks up to 50 Cent, Drake, Wayne & Fabulous. Grasty surprises everyone with his skill and just wants people to know that he’s up to par with his with idols.

His latest video drop for “Masturbating” comes from his mixtape, “Rare Candy”, exclusively produced by Big Los. He teamed up with Vidlord to help bring his vision for the song alive. He was feeling myself, having fun with the song and this is what came to be.

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