“WRONG” is a dark ballad in which HVNK showcases her wide vocal range and contemporary songwriting ability. The song is her declaration of individual strength in the face of relationship turmoil. Here is the official video for the single.

HVNK, born Hannah Sweet is a 26-year-old singer born and raised in Niles, Michigan. She studied vocal performance while attending Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana and decided to move away from her small town to pursue a career in music in Dallas. While living in Dallas HVNK worked closely with Houston producer Jake Markow, together they cultivated and grew HVNK’s sound.

Growing up, she has taken musical influence from a variety of female artists from Whitney Houston to Amy Lee, most recently California singer Banks. Her influences have led her to pursuing a musical style that would be described as Dark R&B / Electro Pop.

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