J Pizzle’ Ft Quali-t – Lose It All @bigbootyjoes


Shot by ViCkMoNtFiLMS, J Pizzle’ refreshes us with a scenic and lyrical twist on hip-hop with the new visual “LIA” aka “Lose it All”. Featuring St. Louis native Quali-t, both artists make known their goals and intentions talking about taking care of their community and being true to ones self. The balance of flows and visuals make this different, as well as pleasant to the ear.

St. Louis Native J Pizzle’ continues adding heat to his musical resume while delivering a positive message to his listener. His catchy lyrics and outstanding rhythm give us a whole new perspective on hip-hop, making listeners feel connected with whatever vibe Pizzle’ decides to throw their way. From upbeat party bangers to eye watering heartbreak tracks, J Pizzle’ shows how versatile he really is, all in his rookie year of being an artist. His music, style, passion, and personality are truly one of a kind. Making him the real deal, unique, stand-alone artist with extreme potential.

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