Jalen – Blessings @jaycroston_


The song “Blessings” describes Jalen’s life hardships between losing his uncle and striving to make it out the hood for his mother.

Growing up in Co-Op City located in the northern area of the Bronx, Jalen always had music looming around him. Coming from the birthplace of hip-hop, he had an unavoidable disposition for greatness in music. Between being dragged to church on Sunday mornings and being born into the era of YouTube university, Jalen discovered his ear for music.

At the age of thirteen, Jalen fell passionately in love with hip-hop sonically. At the age of seventeen, after recording his first song, he learned he had a voice. His versatility is second to none, with the ability to sing, rap and produce his own tracks, Jalen takes his art seriously.

Since finding his voice, Jalen has made great strides to mold himself into the artist he is today and strives to be. With major accomplishments such as performing his first ever show at the famed “SOB’s” in New York City, to gaining thousands of plays on his first ever music video “Plans For You”, Jalen is a force to be reckoned with.

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