Jason Greensocks – Out of Touch @JasonGreensocks


Jason Greensocks’ newly released project, “The Story Of Summer 2018”, lands an official video for one of it’s stand out tracks, “Out of Touch”. This song has an infectious vibe as Jason effortlessly floats over the piano keys detailing an off and on love affair.

Jason Greensocks was born in Houston, Texas, however shortly after he moved to San Antonio. He has been entertaining since he was young, winning numerous talent shows along the way. In high school he decided to form a Hip-hop duo, The New Society, With label mate Torre Isaiah that they still release under when they’re not working on solo projects.

Jason Greensocks has focused on innovating new flows and creating a style of rap that blends punchlines with rapid flows to create his own unique style. Outside of music he prefers to be the funny guy in the room and craves attention. If his aura doesn’t captivate the audience his music surely will, Jason Greensocks is a musical force to be reckoned with with a wave everyone can enjoy being a part of.

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