Jimmy Lee PMG- Sound Check @JayNuetron

Sound Check

Jimmy Lee has studied music genres such as Hip Hop/Rap, R&B, Jazz, Blues and Gospel since he was 8 yrs. old. As a young teen, Jimmy had to overcome various obstacles such as prison, violence, ignorance and stupidity. Realizing that life was already hard, he felt he was making it harder indulging in negativity and childish ways. He decided at that point to change for the better.

Having a passion for music, Jimmy took all his pain, hardships and struggles and turned it into lyrical guidance for the people in the world to hear. To help him grow as a lyricist, he begin pursuing studios and engineers that had the same passion and drive as he did. He wanted to link up with someone that wanted to change the way of the Hip Hop Industry and be a part of bringing back lyrical greatness. It wasn’t until he met his brother and Co-Founder Of PMG ( Preventative Music Group), Engineer Jarvis Hambrick A.k.A Nycstro The Beatmaker where his true greatness would finally shine.

The collaboration of Nycstro and Jimmy Lee was magical. Soon after Jimmy became one of the most dynamic writers, an awesome performer, a passionate humanist, a true storyteller and most of all a lyrical genius. He has since been challenging the Hip Hip industry to recognize his positive lyrical messages he portrays in his music. Hoping to be one of the greats that brought back real hip hop, Jimmy pushes himself to the limits to become better than the day before. He believes in goodness and positive vibes. Helping, motivating and inspiring is his passion and is very important to him. He refuses to let anything stop him and will put all his effort into reaching as many people as he can.

Watch the official video behind the duo’s latest “Sound Check”, filmed by The Direktorz4K, below.


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