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KB Fokus is a Hip Hop Artist from Dallas, Tx. Raised in the streets of Oak Cliff, he made a lot of wrong decisions that led him down a dark path, but in 2016 he finally found the light at the end of the dark tunnel. Having his first child at the age of 15 and 2 more later, he realized it was time to make a change And find something he truly loved to do. Music has been his passion since a young kid, knowing every song on the radio rather rap or R&B. He’s been writing music since he was 7 years old.

With inspirations such as Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, T.I & Lecrae, his style includes but is not limited to Street/trap, worship, & lyrical content, so you can say he doesn’t put himself inside a box. Obtaining the vision God gave him, he took on the title of calling himself “Voice Of The Youth” back in 2016. He tries to reach out to the teens and young adults following the same steps he did in life and tries to open their eyes to a more positive / flashy lifestyle.

His main mission is to spread positivity in a world full of negative vibes. His mission for music is to provide an opportunity for everybody to eat (prosper) around him, invest in his community, and give people the opportunity to make it out of where he once was.

His fav thing to say is “Your already at rock bottom, the only way to go is up. You either gone struggle being broke or struggle to get rich, either way it goes you gone struggle, so choose your struggle wisely.” Starting off with his first mixtape “Risen Within” back in 2016, he started off as a strictly “Christian rapper “ and since then has taken a dramatic change in lanes with his music.

With his upcoming mixtape “Refokused” dropping the winter of 2019, he plans on showing the world the new KB Fokus. RCMG is his music team (Real Christ Music Gang), it’s who he calls his supporters/Fans. Keep on a look out for more KB Fokus.

“Up Now” was written in about an hour. It was a time in my life where everything was looking up, I had just started back consistently working on music, working 2 full time jobs to invest in myself and just stacked money to provide for my kids. Up Now is about the come up that I knew would come no matter how the storms looked or how hard the journey would get, The only way to go from rock bottom is Up!

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