Keeping the reality in music: Yonker’s own Mike White



An aspiring creative artist representing the lost borough as some call it, Yonkers.  Using words as a gateway to express his sentiments over carefully selected beats Mike White uses beats as a canvas; his brainchild and the direct result of his inspirations and life experiences. Earning his stripes as a renowned battle rapper since the early 2000s, Mike took to recording circa 2006 as the means to furthering awareness of his passion and skill set.  Currently working on his L.I.F.E (Lyrically I Feel Everything) EP Mike continues to feature with dope MCs and make his promotional rounds. Having worked with reputable brands such as Desert Storm, Ruff Ryders and popular artists the likes of  Fatman Scoop, T&J sidekicks, Jimi Kendrix, Sinima beats, AOB Beats, Wondertwins, and Conolli beats. His performance resume includes opening up for 50cent , Rich boy, Doug E fresh, Kid Kapri, and DJ Envy to name a few.
Wanting nothing more than to be considered an impactful artist, Mike White focuses on substance rather than following trends. Navigating social media to create substantial relationships Mike White is an artist that prefers quality over quantity any day.
A contributor to the culture, Mike White recounts a moment in Junior High School as the exact moment when he knew he wanted to be in the music business, and live out the culture of Hip Hop. Creating from the heart, Mike has recently released a track titled Adversity which content speaks to the revelation he had about him self after having researched his lineage. Topics like this are easily drawn on in his music making him a throwback to the essence of a genre which was always based itself on timely, substantial lyricism and composition.
“I’m not ashamed to express my reality. That’s what’s appealing about me. there is no gimmick. I think the world is ready to accept what I represent. And I’m willing to take the steps to complete my projects one at a time to present them to the people who enjoy real hip hop. For me HipHop is a way of life, It represents struggle and unfortunate environments trials and tribulations. I am Hip hop. “
– Mike White
Check out the Adversity below:

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