Kynard Ft Q Carter – Bout Dat @KynardMusic


Kynard and Q Carter present the official video behind “Bout Dat”. The concept for the video was loosely based on The Hangover movie shot in Las Vegas.

Hip Hop/Soul artist Kynard released his debut album “Get Thru The Day” in 2017. “Get Thru The Day” was met with praise for it’s unique combination of hip hop and soul. The lead single “Friend or Foe” was a refreshing narrative of race relations in America and went on to garner over 100k in views. Currently Kynard’s push forward in 2018 is yearlong project called #FreestyleFriday where he releases a new video freestyle over some of hip hop’s greatest beats as well as some you may not know. As well he is releasing new single’s every other month to keep the content new and fresh while building his fan base.

Kynard has fused Hip Hop, Soul, and smooth melodies to create a sound that can only be described as his own. Currently located and performing in Austin, TX he was raised in the Midwest for most of his life. Kynard was influenced by 90s R&B as well as the sounds of West Coast Hip Hop and East Coast lyricism. Taking in the combination of those rhythmic sounds, his interpretation is fresh, with a bold voice filled with insight of the stories from the many walks of his life. Only now has he decided to share his stories musically.

At this point Kynard is enjoying the journey of performing, writing new music, and meeting people who enjoy what he does. Starting with a small fanbase, the goal has been to get the music into people’s hands either by social media or live performances. Always ready with a joke or something funny to say, Kynard is nothing short of a character who enjoys music and good people.

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